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Life & Traditions
in the heart of an 18th century farmhouse
…a whole history!

Life & Traditions
in the heart of an 18th century farmhouse
…a whole history!

The historic heart of Albé beats in the centre of the village, with its Museum of Heritage, Traditions and Folk Art. A must-see place steeped in history, the museum retraces the life of the inhabitants of the Vallée de Villé from the Ancien Régime to the end of the 19th century.

Housed in a fully restored 18th century farmhouse, a visit to the museum is a journey back in time that reveals all the facets of the lives of these men and women who have left us some real treasures: common sense know-how, centuries-old traditions, remarkable buildings that have stood the test of time and a way of life that is intimately linked to nature.

The museum is made up of several buildings: a Vosges-style farm dating from 1709, a day-labourer’s house built in 1616, an old guardhouse, a distillery and a surprising sandstone pavilion built in 1873 with a mansard roof.

Inside, the parlour (the main room of the house), kitchen, bedroom, stable, hayloft and schoolroom have been recreated, furnished and decorated to give you an unforgettable experience of a bygone era and daily life.

Located in the centre of the village of Albé, in the shade of a lime tree planted in 1795,
the Vallée de Villé Museum aims to help visitors discover the history and heritage of our region.

Object of the moment

We will regularly present an object from the museum. We’ll tell you about its history, function and purpose.

June marks the end of the school year, often with an excursion

In 1903, the boys of the Maisonsgoutte and Steige schools were treated to a special school outing to Haut Koenigsbourg, which William II of Hohenzollern had decided to renovate.

All the pupils looked very smart in their Sunday best.

The people accompanying them were also very elegant: the headmasters, their wives and their children. Look at the ladies, so elegantly dressed in their beautiful hats!

This outing was clearly a day of celebration:
Monsieur Georges Schmitter, headmaster of the Maisonsgoutte school, organist and secretary of the town hall, is leaning against the beam of the scaffolding while his wife sits to his right.

Mr Frindel, his colleague, is leaning on his walking stick, while his wife sits on the rock with their little daughters at her side. A third lady, whose identity we do not know, is in the picture.

Times have certainly changed, and what can we say about the freedom given to schoolchildren to climb the scaffolding of the castle, which was being rebuilt!

(Sources: Monique and Nicole, granddaughters of Georges Schmitter)

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Opening Hours July / August

Opening Hours July / August

TOURIST SEASON OPENING 2024 Open from 1 July to 31 August: Every day except Mondays, Saturdays and public holidays from 2pm to 6pm. (Closed on other days, except for groups by appointment).

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Opening Hours June

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The Villé Valley Museum in Albé, Alsace.

Traditions of yesterday and today.

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Museum! Immerse yourself in history and culture through our fascinating exhibitions. Discover our ancient objects, historical artefacts and stories that will take you back in time.

Our museum is an immersive experience where each piece tells a unique story. Whether you’re passionate about heritage, history or simply curious to learn more about life in the Vallée de Villé in another era, you’ll find a rewarding adventure here.

Explore our meticulously decorated rooms and be inspired by the nostalgic atmosphere. Each visit is an opportunity to learn something new.

Whether you’re alone, with family or friends, a visit to the museum is always an enriching experience. Join us for a day of wonder and discovery. Our doors are wide open and ready to welcome you.

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