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Baking bread the old-fashioned way

2024 | Events

    Event: Sunday 7 July 2024

    Bake bread over a wood fire in a period oven.

    Discover the magic of baking bread the old-fashioned way at the Musée d’Albé!

    An exceptional day of discovery and enjoyment based on the old-fashioned art of baking bread, a tradition that has nurtured generations and continues to make our hearts beat faster.

    Tasting and sale

    Meet at the museum from 2pm

    • Culture and tradition: Rediscover the traditional know-how and the place of bread in our culture.
    • Practical and convivial: take part in the preparation and baking and share a convivial moment with family and friends.
    • Local gastronomy: Enjoy local products and authentic recipes for an unforgettable taste experience.

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to relive a tradition in a warm and educational atmosphere!