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The wool spinner

2024 | Events

Animation : Sunday 14 July 2024 from 2pm

Wool spinning demonstration

Discover the ancient art of spinning wool with a live demonstration. You’ll be able to observe the transformation of raw wool into yarn and learn more about the techniques and tools used by the spinners of yesteryear. How to handle a spinning wheel.

Spinning Wool with a Spinning Wheel: An Ancient Art

Spinning wool with a spinning wheel is an ancient technique that transforms raw wool into yarn, ready to be woven or knitted. This traditional method, practised for centuries, is a true art that requires patience, dexterity and special know-how.

The Spinning Stages

The process begins with the preparation of the wool, which is cleaned and carded to disentangle and align the fibres. The spinner then uses a spinning wheel, a complex tool that transforms the carded fibres into yarn. The spinning wheel consists of a wheel, a pedal, a bobbin and a cattail. The spinner operates the pedal to turn the wheel, which drives the bobbin. The wool is then gently pulled and wound around the bobbin, creating a continuous, even thread.

The Importance of Traditional Spinning

Spinning wool with a spinning wheel is not just a means of producing yarn; it is also a practice that perpetuates cultural and craft traditions. Many communities around the world continue to spin wool in this way, promoting their heritage and unique skills. As well as producing yarns of exceptional quality, handspinning also creates unique textures and colours that are impossible to reproduce using industrial methods.

Today, spinning wool with a spinning wheel is a symbol of tradition and authenticity. This ancient practice, which has survived the ages, continues to captivate those who appreciate craftsmanship and natural materials. By rediscovering traditional spinning, we’re paying tribute to a precious skill and a culture rich in history.

Come one, come all to discover this traditional craft and share a convivial moment around our Alsatian cultural heritage.

We look forward to seeing you on this afternoon of discovery !