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Farming activities #1

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In the 18th century, everyone, from the top to the bottom of the social ladder, made a living to a greater or lesser extent from farming or winegrowing. Augustin VON DER SHEER, a prominent local figure, didn’t live off his income, but he had three jobs at the same time: he was a cooper, a winegrower and a farmer. There was nothing exceptional about this situation.

The part reserved for the farm occupied the north of the building. Over the years, it had undergone a number of transformations. The most recent alteration was necessary to provide exhibition and tasting space for the Maison du Val de Villé.

However, an expert eye will recognise two levels that were once used as a hayloft. On the upper floor, there are grain chests (bread was a staple food in the Ancien Régime), a sorting machine, a mechanical winnowing machine, a hand winnowing machine and a straw chopper.