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The attic

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An angled staircase leads to the upper door of the dwelling: the attic.

This space, in the shape of a triangular prism delimited by the gable at the front and by the slopes of the roof at the sides, is subdivided into three storeys of decreasing size and importance. We will only visit the first floor.

The attic is the aerial equivalent of the cellar. If the latter is the foundation of the householder’s fortune, the attic is its crowning glory. Here, on the owner’s head, was piled the product of harvests that feared dampness and parasites: firstly cereals, i.e. enough to eat white bread all year round, and secondly fruit to dry, nuts and herbal teas. Meat and sausages were also smoked here.

The first floor of the attic was originally subdivided into four rooms by timber-framed partitions. The longitudinal partition wall linking the south gable (on the Place du Tilleul side) to the north transverse partition wall, which originally separated the dwelling from the hayloft, is still in place, while the transverse partition wall that rested on the second truss of the roof structure has disappeared, leaving only a few posts as relics.

The two south-facing rooms, which communicate with each other through a sort of practical door in the transverse dividing wall, are each lit by dormer windows in the gable. The floor is still covered with hand-moulded bricks laid on the floor.