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The cellar

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In keeping with tradition, the cellar was built at the front of the building under the dwelling. In this way, during the long winter nights, the master of the house could hear from his bed a malevolent person trying to force open the door to taste the fruit of his harvest.

Deeply buried, with the floor covered in sandstone slabs, the cellar remains cool and moist all year round, ideal for preserving the wines, particularly the famous Albé Pinot Noir.

A wooden wine press is installed near the door. Connected to a post by a rope, this system was used to extract the maximum amount of grape juice.

The wooden door has a symbolism that is often used in Albé: at the bottom, the lozenges symbolise the fertility of the earth and are surmounted by a radiant sun.

The window wells (cellar windows) are fitted on the outside with a sliding sandstone stone. This device regulates the circulation of air and light.

Don’t forget to visit the adjoining museum (opposite), reserved for temporary exhibitions.

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