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The classroom

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This beautiful room is as spacious as the Stub below, and almost as high.

According to popular tradition, it was once used as a classroom. Pupils climbed up to it from the Place du Tilleul via a staircase leading to a gallery attached to the gable wall, in which the frame of the access door, now walled up and hidden inside by a cupboard, still remains. Primary education dates back to the time of Louis XV. At the end of the 18th century, each parish had a primary school under the authority of the parish priest, who recruited the teacher. Primary education was reorganised in 1833 by the Guizot law, which established curricula and annual inspections.

The building has three windows: two on the east side and one on the south side. The interior embrasures, with their slightly arched intrados, are original. Their base is protected by a moulded oak plank serving as a support.

Next to the door opening onto the corridor, there is a drum stove fed from the kitchen.

Through the corridor, we climb to the attic.