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The Traditional Vine Trade

2024 | Events

    Event: Sunday 14 July 2024

    Immerse yourself in the world of winegrowing with a presentation on traditional and modern methods of vine cultivation. This workshop will cover the key stages of viticulture, from caring for the vines to harvesting the grapes.

    Growing vines

    Located in the heart of Alsace, the village of Albé is famous for its rich wine-growing heritage and its commitment to traditional methods of vine cultivation. Vine-growing has been practised here for generations, and is an art passed on with passion and respect for nature and tradition.

    The Viticultural History of Albé

    Albé, with its favourable climate and rich soils, has been an ideal place for winegrowing for centuries. The first traces of vineyards date back to Roman times, and since then, vine-growing has evolved while retaining its ancestral techniques. The winegrowers of Albé perpetuate a unique know-how, combining traditional methods and respect for natural cycles.

    Traditional techniques

    Pruning the vine

    Pruning is a crucial stage in traditional viticulture. Carried out in winter, it helps to control the growth of the vine and optimise the quality of the grapes. Albé winegrowers use specific techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation, guaranteeing the health and productivity of the vines.

    Working the soil

    The soil is worked by hand or with the help of horses, respecting the ecosystem and encouraging biodiversity. The winegrowers avoid the use of chemicals, preferring natural methods to fertilise and protect the vines.

    The grape harvest

    Harvesting in Albé is a time of celebration and tradition. They are carried out by hand, allowing a meticulous selection of bunches and ensuring the quality of the grapes harvested. This practice helps to produce wines with character, reflecting the unique terroir of the region.

    Passing on know-how

    Vine-growing in Albé is not just a profession, it’s a cultural heritage. Techniques and knowledge are passed down from generation to generation within winegrowing families. From an early age, young people are taught the precise gestures and care needed to maintain the vines and produce a quality wine.

    The wines of Albé

    The wines produced in Albé are renowned for their authenticity and exceptional quality. Each bottle tells the story of the region and the passionate work of the winemakers. Traditional grape varieties such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noir are carefully cultivated to produce wines with complex aromas and a refined taste.

    The traditional craft of winegrowing in Albé is a living testimony to Alsace’s winegrowing heritage. When you visit Albé, you’ll discover not only magnificent landscapes but also men and women devoted to their craft, carrying on age-old traditions with passion.

    To find out more about traditional winegrowing in Albé and discover its exceptional wines, we invite you to visit the local vineyards and meet the winegrowers, who will share their love of the trade and their unique know-how.