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The upstairs kitchen

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Before entering the room, we take a look at the door frame, which has been preserved in its original state.

The window in the west gutter wall has remained intact. The recess, with its slightly arched intrados*, shelters, at the sill, a sink whose spout once shamelessly sprayed passers-by in the rue de l’église.

The usable space of the room is significantly reduced by the presence of the upper part of the mantel of the lower kitchen fireplace. You can still see the opening that was used to feed the drum stove in the Stub, the only heated room on the second floor along with the kitchen. The smoke from the Stub stove was reversed in the kitchen and rose up the mantelpiece.

  • Gutter: bearing an eaves or gutter.
  • intrados: the inner or lower face of an arch or vault.